Approved Indiana E-Liquid Businesses

2017 Manufacturers

List updated the first and third weeks of each month


  • eLiquitech, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700001
  • Coolbreeze Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700002
  • CBV Distribution LLC
    Permit: ELM1700003
  • Mister E-Liquid LLC
    Permit: ELM1700004
  • Geo Juice LLC
    Permit: ELM1700005
  • Boosted LLC
    Permit: ELM1700006
  • Vapor Bank LLC
    Permit: ELM1700007
  • Real Estate Management & Services
    Permit: ELM1700008
  • Sir Vapes-A-lot LLC
    Permit: ELM1700009
  • Vapenindy, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700010
  • Juicemafia, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700011 & ELM1700012
  • USVC, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700013
  • Jordan Standard Distributing LLC
    Permit: ELM1700014
  • Vapor Flavor
    Permit: ELM1700015
  • Blacksheep Vapors, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700016
  • Gripum LLC
    Permit: ELM1700017
  • Liquid Art Inc
    Permit: ELM1700018
  • SV Packaging LLC
    Permit: ELM1700019
  • Sicboy Industries Inc
    Permit: ELM1700020
  • Cyclops Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700021
  • Black Note Inc
    Permit: ELM1700022
  • The Juice Room LLC
    Permit: ELM1700023
  • Black Swan Vapors LLC
    Permit: ELM1700024
  • Casey Jones MainLine Reserve LLC
    Permit: ELM1700025
  • Vapor This Florida LLC
    Permit: ELM1700026
  • Vape St. Vape Shop LLC
    Permit: ELM1700027
  • E-Lixir Laboratories LLC
    Permit: ELM1700028
  • Wolfpack Wholesale Inc
    Permit: ELM1700029
  • Clancy’s Royal Vapors LLC
    Permit: ELM1700030
  • Green Forest Vapor Shop LLC
    Permit: ELM1700031
  • Cosmic Fog Vapors LLC
    Permit: ELM1700032
  • Gilla Operations LLC
    Permit: ELM1700033
  • My Vape Order Inc
    Permit: ELM1700034
  • One Up Vapor
    Permit: ELM1700035
  • Stark Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700036
  • The Mamasan
    Permit: ELM1700037
  • MH Global LLC
    Permit: ELM1700038
  • Trippy Drips LLC
    Permit: ELM1700039
  • Liquid Army
    Permit: ELM1700040
  • Limited Liability Company- Mountain Oak Vapors
    Permit: ELM1700041
  • Hotspot Cafe LLC
    Permit: ELM1700042
  • High Voltage Vaporz
    Permit: ELM1700043
  • Kokomo Pure Vapors
    Permit: ELM1700044
  • JRILY Enterprises LLC
    Permit: ELM1700045
  • Dispensary Studio LLC
    Permit: ELM1700046
  • Bombies Inc
    Permit: ELM1700047
  • Flavor Concepts LLC
    Permit: ELM1700048
  • Craving Vapor Industries
    Permit: ELM1700049
  • NicQuid LLC
    Permit: ELM1700050
  • Propaganda E-Liquid LLC
    Permit: ELM1700051
  • Nicopure Labs, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700052
  • JJDS E-Cigarettes LLC
    Permit: ELM1700053
  • Yoshicon LLC
    Permit: ELM1700054
  • Jasper Technology LLC
    Permit: ELM1700055
  • Sonoran Vape, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700056
  • Cloudy Collaboration LLC
    Permit: ELM1700057
  • Angel City Vape, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700058
  • D And L Vapor Industries
    Permit: ELM1700059
  • Glas, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700060
  • Flat Iron LLC
    Permit: ELM1700061
  • Ecblend, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700062
  • Securience LLC
    Permit: ELM1700063
  • Ohm Slaw Vapors
    Permit: ELM1700064
  • The Mayhem Group LLC
    Permit: ELM1700065
  • E-Liquid Therapeutics
    Permit: ELM1700066
  • Juice Guys Distribution LLC
    Permit: ELM1700067
  • Juice Roll-Upz, Inc
    Permit: ELM1700068
  • Flavor Vapors, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700069
  • Wages & White Lion Investments, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700070
  • K & C Aitken, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700071
  • Amazing Vape, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700072
  • Premium Ejuice USA LLC
    Permit: ELM1700073
  • Vapor HQ
    Permit: ELM1700074
  • Liquid EFX Inc
    Permit: ELM1700075
  • Okami Brand LLC
    Permit: ELM1700076
  • The Simple Vapor Co LLC
    Permit: ELM1700077
  • Mt. Baker Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700078
  • Marina Vape LLC
    Permit: ELM1700079
  • The Bradley’s Brand, Inc
    Permit: ELM1700080
  • Qvape Juice LLC
    Permit: ELM1700081
  • Cue Industries
    Permit: ELM1700082
  • Holy Cow E-Juice
    Permit: ELM1700083
  • Vapor Studios LLC
    Permit: ELM1700084
  • Vandalia Mist Extracts & Vapors, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700085
  • Humble Juice Co.
    Permit: ELM1700086
  • Club Cotton Vapor Academy
    Permit: ELM1700087
  • TVC Management Corp
    Permit: ELM1700088
  • MJ Asset Holdings LLC
    Permit: ELM1700089
  • HMD Investment Group, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700090
  • Mod Fuel LLC
    Permit: ELM1700091
  • Vape Fiends Inc
    Permit: ELM1700092
  • Amazing Vape LLC
    Permit: ELM1700093
  • Amazing Vape LLC
    Permit: ELM1700094
  • Avail Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700095
  • Vapor Supply LLC
    Permit: ELM1700096
  • Chuckin’ Clouds
    Permit: ELM1700097
  • Dark Horse Vapors Inc
    Permit: ELM1700098
  • Kilo Eliquid Inc
    Permit: ELM1700099
  • IV Supply Company
    Permit: ELM1700100
  • FTW Vapor Distribution
    Permit: ELM1700101
  • Savage Enterprises
    Permit: ELM1700102
  • Diamond Distro LLC
    Permit: ELM1700103
  • Hoosier Vapes Inc
    Permit: ELM1700104
  • Walker Trading Company Indiana, Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700105
  • Random Stimulus LLC
    Permit: ELM1700106
  • BuckShot Vapors Inc
    Permit: ELM1700107
  • BB Vape
    Permit: ELM1700108
  • DC Laboratories Inc.
    Permit: ELM1700109
  • Chrystal Distribution
    Permit: ELM1700110
  • Baker White Inc
    Permit: ELM1700111
  • Snap Liquids
    Permit: ELM1700112
  • Central Vapors LLC
    Permit: ELM1700113
  • KL Lab LLC
    Permit: ELM1700114
  • Vape Element LLC
    Permit: ELM1700115
  • Magellan Technology Inc
    Permit: ELM1700116
  • Tasty Puff LLC
    Permit: ELM1700117
  • Dianna Nuss
    Permit: ELM1700118
  • Molecule Labs Inc
    Permit: ELM1700119
  • Nubilus Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700120
  • Juicemafia, Inc
    Permit: ELM1700121
  • Cosmetics & Cleaners International
    Permit: ELM1700122
  • Slam Cake Vapes LLC
    Permit: ELM1700123
  • Vermillion River LLC
    Permit: ELM1700124
  • Vapetasia LLC
    Permit: ELM1700125
  • Pettee & D’Sylva LLC
    Permit: ELM1700126
  • Kinetik Enterprises LLC
    Permit: ELM1700127
  • Plus One Vapors LLC
    Permit: ELM1700128
  • Bad Modder Fogger LLC
    Permit: ELM1700129
  • Limitless Accessories Inc
    Permit: ELM1700130
  • Juicemafia, Inc
    Permit: ELM1700131
  • JJ Bottling LLC
    Permit: ELM1700132
  • Good Life Vapor LLC
    Permit: ELM1700133
  • Victory Liquid
    Permit: ELM1700134
  • BCC Distribution Inc
    Permit: ELM1700135
  • Cuttwood, LLC
    Permit: ELM1700136
  • Five Pawns Inc
    Permit: ELM1700137
  • Fuzion Vapor
    Permit: ELM1700138
2016 Manufacturers
  • Vapor Bank E-Liquid, LLC
    Permit: ELM1600001
  • Jordan Standard Manufacturing FL, LLC
    Permit: ELM1600002
  • DB Vapes, LLC
    Permit: ELM1600003
  • Cloudtown, LLC
    Permit: ELM1600004
  • VapeINg LLC
    Permit: ELM1600005
  • Licensed E-Liquid Manufacturing LLC
    Permit: ELM1600006
  • Fuma International, LLC
    Permit: ELM1600012
  • Goodcat LLC
    Permit: ELM1600013

If you are not on this list, please email us a copy of your license and we will be happy to list you!

  • 3D Vapor
    License: 100009604
  • Hoosier E-Cigs
    License: 100009600
  • Hoosier Vapes
    License: 100009586
  • Northland Vapor Company, LLC
    License: 100010553
  • Vapenindy/
    License: 100003714
  • Vapin Tonight, LLC
    License: 100009733
  • Flavors United LLC
    License: 100009718
  • Murse Holdings LLC
    License: 100009757