Following the recent Federal Court ruling in favor of the vaping industry in the State Of Indiana, a great deal of misinformation has been posted and circulated throughout social media.  Despite the fact that a large part of the monopolizing law has been deemed unconstitutional due to its stranglehold on Interstate commerce, as of right now, nothing has changed.

The Indiana Smoke Free Alliance has spent the majority of this week fielding calls from manufacturers around the nation, hoping to once again do business in the Hoosier state.  Last night, Amy Lane — President of the Indiana Smoke Free Alliance– released a comprehensive statement to explain the current state of affairs.
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You gotta love San Francisco, another over reaching legislation. San Francisco's continuing attempts to control their citizens rights for freedom.

“The city of San Francisco is dealing with many pressing problems, such as skyrocketing homelessness, a surge in crime and poverty, a tourism industry in free fall, etc. Yet, amidst all of these troubling issues, the City Board of Supervisors is busy playing nanny state, following suit of California politics. Recently, San Francisco’s City Board of Supervisors voted to advance an invasive piece of legislation that would ban smoking inside private dwellings located in an apartment with three or more units. The bill, filed on November 12, applies to smoking tobacco, vaping, and cannabis products. Not only would this overreaching legislation apply to private dwellings, but it would also include private patios and balconies.”


San Francisco: Nanny State Ground Zero
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Indiana Smoke-Free Alliance

(new release) - SHUNNED | Escalating Attack on Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates | RegWatch ... See MoreSee Less

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