It has come to our attention that Hometown Hero’s e-liquids are being distributed illegally in Indiana. As of today’s date, this company DOES NOT have an Indiana E-liquid Permit. ISFA is working with their staff to come into compliance, but at this time, we want to notify all Indiana retailers that the following brands/names are considered illegal e-liquid products:

“Hometown Hero” brand with the e-liquid names- “White Girl”, “Ambrosia”, “Angel Tears”, “Angel’s Breath”, “Legend”, “Red Dream”, “Crispy Treats”, “Sun Drops”, “Why So Cereal?”, “Wild Buffalo”, “Witch Doctor”, and “Stormy”; “Laser Wolf” brand with the e-liquid names- “Laser Wolf Ultra”, “Laser Wolf Turbo”, and “Laser Wolf Neon”.

They are aware that a letter of Notification is being posted for retail shops in Indiana as well as notification to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission sent so that the Commissioners are aware of the current situation. We are hopeful that they will soon be in compliance with SEA-1 but as of right now, they are not. We will continue to keep you updated on status.

Amy M. Lane
Indiana Smoke-Free Alliance