ISFA is diligently and actively working on an immediate solution to the complete shutdown of the Indiana market. As you are aware being small business owner here in Indiana, the importance of replacing the existing law is imperative to the survival of your vapor business in our state.

  • ISFA has constructed a solid plan of action to implement legislative strategy for the 2017 session
  • We have a lobbying team identified and invested in the strategy to replace Public Law 176/HR 1432
  • The lobbying team is uniquely situated to bring together other interested parties such as petroleum marketers and other interest groups
  • Our lobby team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Indiana State House and the Governmental Affairs professionals of Krieg DeVault possess extensive experience and expertise in leading legislative efforts at the Statehouse
  • ISFA has formed a coalition of concerned retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Therefore, with our lobby team in place, we are confident that we can educate legislators on the problems created by the current law, and what changes need to be made to develop a more appropriate regulatory structure
  • ISFA has been working closely with Senator Randall Head’s office in creating common sense regulations that will bring access back to Indiana while still creating framework that protects the public health.
  • Senate Bill 1 will be introduced to the legislature with the highest priority attached. We are optimistic about the ability to change the law in Indiana by eliminating the monopolistic security requirements and revising other parts of the statute to make it reflective of federal law.

With an eye towards re-opening the Indiana market, come join the coalition of groups and companies that are part of the Indiana Smoke-Free Alliance as we enter the 2017 legislative session with a clear plan of action in place. This is no longer a theoretical discussion of potential business losses here in Indiana. Since the enactment of this law, several Indiana businesses have closed and jobs loss has been significant in our industry. Bottom line: ISFA has an active plan in place, our members are made up of many types of business who represent the vaping industry, a strong and vetted lobby team in place, legislative support throughout the State House, and- most importantly- a Sponsor of our proposed Bill who aggressively seeks to replace HR 1432. We have already begun our campaign and look forward to your company joining us for as we continue to fight for YOUR business here in Indiana.


Mason Odle
Indiana Smoke Free Alliance