What happened this past week with Senate Bill 1?

We has gained 21 Bill sponsors! That is nearly HALF of the Senate behind SB! Senate Bill 1 was amended in the House Judiciary Committee before passing 8-1.  The bill now moves to the full Senate where we expect tremendous support.

What amendment were added to SB1 and what did they accomplish?

The amendments, which ISFA actively supported, primarily accomplished the following-

  • Struck additional provisions in current law that would run afoul of the Federal Court’s ruling
    • Strike requirements that the products are stored in a secured area;
    • Strike requirements that the manufacturers have a remotely monitored security system at the facility;
    • Strike requirements that the manufacturer restrict access to only authorized personnel
  • Ensured that in-state manufacturers are not placed at a competitive disadvantage compared to out of state manufacturers
  • Ensured that current permittees are able to continue selling their products should SB 1 be enacted

Does SB1 still protect the public?

Even with the court ruling and the provisions being struck, SB 1 still ensures consumer protection by

  • Requiring tamper resistant packaging and child-proof caps
  • Mirrors the federal prohibition against product adulteration, which protects against adding any harmful products to the e-liquid or manufacturing the products in unsanitary conditions

To keep up on all current issues with Senate Bill 1, follow us on Facebook or Twitter! Visit us at https://www.insmokefree.org/campaign/we-support-sb1/ and show everyone that YOUR business supports ISFA and our efforts to protect the Indiana vapor industry.

Click the link below to read the current version of SB1. (PDF – 356 kb)


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